Monday, May 29, 2006

Holiday weekends can sometimes be soooooooooooo long. And hot. Today it was 90* out and very sunny. The humidity wasn't too terrible yet so running a few errands wasn't awful. Yesterday went and bought a new t.v. for the kitchen-a 13'' with a Dvd player attached. Woohoo. Star Wars watch out. I will be watching mine all the time. Plus my knitting video. Now I won't have to sit at the computer and watch and not get much knitting done at the same time.
Not going to art night tonight since it is a holiday. A. has been packing up the townhouse this weekend and Katie came down from Columbus to help her. I told her that I wanted to knit her a sweater and she was so excited that we picked the pattern right away (the weekend favorite from Yarn Girls Guide to Knitting) in blue rainbow boucle from Jo-Ann's.
Also have to finish the felted bag which is almost done and have started on Ad.'s cabled sweater. Am still working on the spiral every time I think it is long enough I decrease and bind off and then it is TOO small so I tear it out and keep on slogging. Sooner or later I will have it done and then attempt a real sock pattern with a heel turning and all.

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