Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ugh!! This has just been the suckiest week ever. Just trying to get A. settled after the fire and having her have to work here with all the jobs she has. And we had to have Spaudling put to sleep today. It's always hard when she loses a guinea pig but on top of everything else I think that was the last straw. It will be better when she has these 2 jobs out of the way and we can have things settle down here a little bit.
Haven't really gotten any knitting done but have been knitting on the spiral tube socks because they are small and portable. LOVE knitting socks! I haven't done proper socks with heels and everything but I think those will be fun also. I am going to use my Opal sock yarn that I bought a few weeks ago. I think I will make those for me.

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