Monday, June 19, 2006

Haha! Katie's sweater is finished and I sure hope she likes it. I really don't mind the sewing together part of making them but for some reason I just couldn't buckle down and put it together. So I made a pot of tea and made myself sit down and finish it. Didn't really take very long so I don't know why I made such a fuss about it.
The first sock is also finished...hurrah! It went with me to Cruise-In on Thursday night and while it did not get to see any of the old cars, it did get to sit on the deck and enjoy a delicious veggie wrap and many, many refills of iced tea. It was getting alot of interested looks as well as some admiring comments but I didn't let it go to the sock's "head" as I kept it humble by promptly dropping stitches. There-that'll show it. But we perservered together and am now working on the second.
Also have gotten half of the front of Ad's cable sweater finished. Cables rock!! I am really enjoying working on it. Got alot done while watching the playoffs last night. Go Heat!

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