Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just thinking about Katie's sweater and have this overwhelming panic that I did not knit it in the right size. I'm thinking now that she said size medium and I knit it in a size small. --slapping myself upside the head with my Addi's--. I'm hoping that it will fit 'cause she is petite and it looks to be a pretty loose small. Oh please, oh please fit. She is coming into town Friday and stopping here to pick up a key for A.'s place, so I will have her try it on.( Oh please fit.) I am going to make her another in orange but it would be nice for the first one to fit since she was looking forward to it so much.
Went to Cruise-In on Thursday but ate inside the coffee house since the weather was bad. We ate and beat it home as the storms were coming in pretty fast. The sock didn't even have a chance to enjoy the veggie wrap as I ate it so fast.
Did have a really good latte the other day at Borders. They have a Seattle's Best Coffee as their cafe and must try new coffee. I didn't have a plain cup, which would've been my choice but m. wanted to try some so I thought she would like something a little sweet. I bought the new Knitter's magazine and How it all Vegan, which is the first cookbook by Sarah Kramer. I hate to cook but really like her cookbooks because they don't have alot of ingredients and not much preparation time. And, so far, everything has been dee-li-cious.

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