Saturday, March 31, 2007

I know, I know....bad blogger. I haven't done much of anything this week including much knitting. Wednesday night I went to a new knitting group-well, new to me. A. drove me in the new, fancy car and waited until S. showed up. The group starts at 7:00 so we looked around for awhile-all the time being ignored by the owner's daughter who was quite rude and never once spoke to us. At 7:35 we decided that we could have gone to Starbuck's across the street. So we looked at each other, grabbed our knitting bags and split. Still without a word from rude girl. Yeah I'll be back....NOT. Had a lovely time at 'bucks, except the part where I spilled coffee on A.'s computer bag and felted bag. Niiiiicccceeeeee. Although the felted bag held up well. So no knitting group there. So much for that one. Plus, the one at the library is no longer. I would like to find a new one so I can have a knitting "sensei" when I have the need. So I will keep looking. And knitting.

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