Friday, April 27, 2007

Crazy weather these past few days. And chilly,grey and drizzly today. Went to the library this morning and stocked up on some videos and new release books...woohoo. Since it's going to be a long weekend (not much to do) I will watch some cool PBS and A&E videos. It's nice to be able to get those from the library since I don't have cable.

Does what you read vary by the season? For instance, Do you read different kinds of books in the summer than the winter?
If so, do you break it down by genre, length of book, holiday, or...?
I read all types all throughout the year. Although sometimes it is fun to read a Christmas book during the holiday. It doesn't matter when, I read it.

On the knitting front. I have been working on some dishcloths and are enjoying them but have gotten stumped on the one pattern. It is the horseshoe pattern and I keep losing stitches on the last line of the repeat. I think that maybe there is a mistake in the pattern and will have to look for corrections on the website. I also have been working on the sock...getting ready to turn the heel...keep your fingers crossed.

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