Saturday, April 21, 2007

I feel I am, I only know I am,
And plod upon the earth as dull and void;
Earth's prison chilled my body with its dram
of dullness, and my soaring thoughts destroyed.
I fled to solitude from passions's dream,
But strife pursued: I only know I am.
I was a being created in the race
of men, disdaning bounds of place and time;
A spirit that could travel o'er the space
of earth and heaven like a thought sublime;
Tracing creation, like my Maker free,
A soul unshackeled like eternity:
spurning earth's vain and soul-debasing thrall-
But now I only know I am, that's all.
John Clare

Okay, I will try posting again. Last night I just couldn't seem to get it right so I just gave up.
The knitting is going along...the sleeve of the v-neck is over half finished right now. I have been making dishclothes this week. They are fun and fast and I can learn loads of different stitches while making them. Now that the weather is warming up I will have to take my knitting to fresco if you will. So the washclothes and socks will be good for that.

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