Friday, May 16, 2008

You know what happens when you are just knitting along, feeling rather smug because you have gotten to the point where you can turn the heel on the second sock? Well, you put all the heel stitches on one needle and then count and the sinking feeling comes over you because you are 4 stitches short. So you count and then count again and find still 4 stitches short. Then the hyperventilating starts. Calmly you put the stitch marker down about 8 rows then pull it all out and place them back on the needles ...only to find out that still those pesky 4 stitches are nowhere to be seen. I then realized that when I cast on it was supposed to be 68 stitches (16,16,16,20) and I did cast on but then thought it was 64 and pulled off the 4 stitches. Then went blithely on my way...lalalalalla. At least I've gotten alot of practice on the pattern.

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Robin said...

Hyperventilating ---- been there, done that!!!