Sunday, May 04, 2008

Here is my first finished Monkey. Doncha' just love it? I do and the colors are so bright. They don't show very well but, trust me,they are. I am halfway through the second sock. I probably would have gotten more done on it today but was in the car going on a day trip to Dayton. Well, not really a day trip; more of a few hours' trip. I did get the heel turned and the stitches picked up but it was so pretty and green out that spent alot of the time just looking out the window, enjoying the leaves and flowers. Turned out to be a beautiful day.

Went to the super Jo-Ann's up there (can't wait for the store to open here) and so much yarn. We don't have anywhere near the amount at the small,boring stores here. I bought a huge skein of Bernat worsted weight (545 yds) in the color Neopolitan...looks just like the ice cream. Thought everyone could have a pair of nice worsted weight for the cold weather.

Here's what I did yesterday...well, for a while anyway. Vegan chocolate chip cookies. MMMmmmmm so good. I think I will have one now!

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Robin said...

Those cookies look yummy!! So does the sock!