Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Here is my new toy. An ice cream maker! Lots and lots of soy cream awaits. I can't wait. I just got a book from the library for soy ice cream with loads of recipes. The hardest thing is which one to make first. But isn't it pretty and red? Monday night was fun!! Got to met Robin (www.fortheloveoffiber.typepad.com) and is she nice! Here's a shot of the gang. Also met Andy, who seems quite nice also. She's looking around this area since her husband's now working here. She's been a blog reader for probably a year (how is that possible?!?) and we've emailed each other. She was knitting the most beautiful baby blanket with cables that is the greatest color of lime green and a purple border. Lucky baby. I think that Amanda would've taken it right from her had she had the chance. Those are her favorite colors.

Here's what I worked on last night. What could it be? ....Yes that's a pair of socks. They are a sport-weight yarn from Hobby Lobby called Snowflake wool blend in the color crocus.Very soft and I really like the texture.
I'm knitting a pattern from Favorite Socks (25 Timeless Designs from Interweave) and the pattern is the Flame Wave. Easy and looks nice. At least to me.
Getting ready to rain here...again. No storms tonight though, which is good. We've had more rain lately than usual and been cooler also. Although it's getting muggy and hot now. But still more rain in the forecast. I actually saw mushrooms growing in the front yard. Crazy.

Still slogging along on the Celtic poncho. Garter stitch is sssoooooooooooo boring. Especially on size 3's. I got alot knitted last week while watching the NBA playoffs....woohoo Lakers!! but now that it's over I will have to find something else to watch while mindlessly knitting and knitting and knitting. *sigh*

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Robin said...

What a fun night!!!!! It was great to meet you and everyone else. The socks turned out great!