Saturday, June 13, 2009

We went to a local farmers market today. Usually don't get finished working early enough to do that so it was fun. Only about 8 booths but I got some beautiful swiss chard, some bok choy (a little wilted but got 4 bunches for 50 cents so can't beat that) and some lovely, fat green onions.
I'm going to make a savory swiss chard pie and haven't really decided what to do with the bok choy.
Here's mom walking toward the square where the market is held. We finally had a beautiful, sunny (well, mostly) day and enjoyed being outside.

Went to JoAnn's today and found some Bernat sock yarn for $5.99 but had a 40% off coupon. Can't beat that price. It's acrylic and nylon but I think that mom will like them. A pretty pink/brown combination.
My mini Mochi Flame wristlets. The pattern is a little tricky as the palm is one pattern and the back is another.

I really have to pay attention when working on it so it's taking awhile. Every one of the projects I'm working on now is a little complicated and has a chart to keep track of so it's one little bit at a time. When I get tired of one I have to switch to another.

Slowly but surely there is progress being made! They will be finished by the time the cold weather hits. ...Well, I plan on having them done.

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Robin said...

I love a Farmer's Market! We went to one in Charleston, SC and it was great! Good food, crafts, plants, wine, etc. The wristlets look nice so far - I like the gradated color.