Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crazy weather this time of year. Here's what we saw walking out of the store. The camera on my phone really didn't do it justice...it was beautiful. Such lovely colors. It was raining on one side and quite sunny on the other. One of the sunny days when we were running errands and the flowers in this suburb are fabulous. They line the entire street on both sides for about a mile. At Christmas they have lights all along and it's beautiful to see. Although very distracting when you are trying to drive!

Another shot.They are really thriving from all the rain we've had. I certainly wish it would stop raining though. I'm sick of mowing the lawn!! By this time the lawn is drying out and I can pat the mower as I walk by (snickering all the time).
This is what I've been working on this past week. Feather and fan pattern and the yarn is Bernat Sox. I don't care for it so much. Rather like the Berrocco Comfort Socks, it's soft and I have to really pull tight to get some good tension. But they are nice regardless and the person for whom they are intended should like them. At least I hope so. They took quite a while to knit as they are a size 11. Whew!
A view of the fish tank at the Chinese restaurant where I like to pick up dinner once in awhile. No fish though...lol.

Cool decorations inside and great food. Good price and you get alot of food. Yum.

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