Friday, January 08, 2010

Freezing cold here this week! And snow. Yesterday we had 5" of the foul white stuff. At least it was the light, fluffy kind that was relatively easy to shovel. And shovel I did. After the 4th time I decided that it didn't need to be done anymore until today. I just wanted to be able to get out of the driveway with a minimum of fuss. And it is now covered again with a light layer. But it's sooooo cold out that I just don't care. Wind chills in the single digits and negative so I am staying inside. With my hot cuppa vanill apple white herbal tea and my "cheesy" crackers that I made for myself. They are a variation of Goldfish crackers but vegan and whole-wheat. And are they good! The little "cookie" cutters are Noah's Ark and I get great pleasure out of biting the heads off the lions...teehee. Since it's so cold I've been doing some cooking. These are some baked chimichangas and so good. I will definately make these again. Today I made roasted cauliflower, roasted brussel sprouts with apples and onions, and macaroni and "cheese", and a "Rustic" pasta from Alicia Silverstone's book "The Kind Life". It has cabbage, celery, onions, soy sauce and lots of yummy things. A winner! And for dessert, some chocolate-peanut butter rice crispy treats.
I really like roasting vegetables because it brings out the natural sweetness of the vegetable. If you've never roasted any I would highly recommend trying it.

And some of the cauliflower with a marinated fried tofu and a barley-mushroom "risotto" that was not only yummy but healthy as well.
But the knitting has not been neglected. I made another bobbled headband for myself. It's so warm and comfortable that I had to have another. This one is a blue tweed color and actually matches my coat.
Here are the wristlets that I am making right now. It's a pattern on Ravelry called "Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets" and so easy and fast. The yarn is "I Love This Yarn" worsted weight from Hobby Lobby and the color is so bright. Which is nice this time of year.

I love fingerless gloves. I have several in each room and they certainly do help as my hands get cold. I am going to make some that have fingers as well.

Went to the library today and got a few dvds as I am not going anywhere this weekend if I can help it. Brrrr. I think I just may have to make some more crackers though. I can't stay out of them!
Stay warm and safe.

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Robin said...

You won't lose those mitts if you drop them in the snow! Too bright! Great colors! Your cooking looks delicious! I wish I had to energy to learn more about and cook vegan.