Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not much has been going on here this week. Sooooo cold. Last night it was 5*. On the upside I can just layer on the handknits. Except for the ones that I took down to my local branch of the library to be in their window display for February!I thought they were going to have things from several people but I guess that I was the only one they asked. So I took down a variety of things and they let me set up the display and then they added the knitting books.

Sorry about the cruddy pictures but the cell phone isn't the greatest especially with the glare from the front doors.

One of the librarians took some photos that she is going to email to me so hopefully I will have some better photos.
I was going to cook today but just couldn't seem to get motivated. I did make some "velveeta/sausage"-like dip yesterday using nutritional yeast and tvp (textured vegetable protein) from the cookbook "500 Vegan Recipes". Pretty tasty if I do say so myself. I dipped tortilla chips in it and today made a quesidilla.
Also made a tempeh/oatmeal "meat" loaf that I am enjoying. As well as some lovely mustard greens with toasted walnuts and marinated mushrooms. So good.
Now I have made myself hungry so I think I will go foraging for some dinner. And then off to knit and watch some dvds. I think I shall finish watching the last season of Northern Exposure. Stay warm and knit lots!

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