Friday, March 05, 2010

Looks like spring came to Trader Joes. They are the cutest little pots of flowers. I love daffodils the best of spring flowers. They are just so cheery. And if you can see just out the window there is some shiny thing casting light all over outside! Now have had a nice, sunny day today. Just warm enough to go down to a flannel-lined jacket. Which is good because my big winter coat was looking kind of ratty. So it had a nice wash today. That's always scary....are you going to open the washer and find the coat or just a string that was holding the hood? The coat survived and thankfully I had my woolen handknit "glittens'' in a covered pocket. Can't believe I forgot to pull them out of the coat. Luckily they did just fine. I think if they had been in the side pocket without the flap they could have been a little bit felted if they had fallen out. Even though the washer is a front-loader it will still felt somewhat. I know because I threw a pair of socks for mom in and ooops, they now fit me. It was out of KnitPicks Palette sock yarn and I really didn't think they would shrink. At least I can wear them. Oooooh and they are soooo warm.I have finished all my ufo's (yes,yes Not the Celtic poncho. Get off my back! teehee). Just seamed up a pair of beaded socks for mom and now am working on the Bloomsbury Gauntlets. It's a pretty fast knit so instant gratification. Which is always nice. They should really "pop" when I add the embroidery.
Deciding on whether to make a vest or a sweater next. I have a cool cabled vest pattern but it's the same yarn as Ragna so maybe I'll go for the sweater. It's a sport-weight Aran-like sweater that looks rather slouchy and comfortable. Those are my favorite kind of sweaters. You know, the ones you've had since high school or college. Those sloppy looking, push up your sleeves, wear it with everything from jeans to skirts with boots to Birks. I think I made up my mind. The yarn is a lovely medium purple, which isn't a color I normally go for but will be different to use.
Finally got my coupon for my free Starbucks drink for my birthday so I think I'll go and treat myself to some kind of "fancy" latte that I never drink but why not?

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Lynda said...

My birthday is on St.David's Day - March 1st - andI always buy myself some daffodils on this day.
Unfortunately none of the daffs have come up in my garden this year - no idea why!