Monday, March 22, 2010

This is my new mug. Red,isn't it? I have been eyeing it for sometime at Starbucks but like to buy mine on sale. I take the chance that they will sell out but the majority of the time I mange to snag one. I found this one in a clearance bin at my local Kroger store!?! There is a Starbucks inside but I don't get drinks there as the employees are not baristas but Kroger employees that now pull shots. And, I might add, quite unpleasant people at that. They wouldn't speak to you when they were working outside the kiosk so why would I have them make my drink? Not. Which is unfortunate since said store is located directly across the street from me. So I would drive 5 minutes to the Starbucks that I have frequented since they built it. Years ago. But the sad news is that in their infinite "wisdom" the powers that be decided to close that store. But it's Starbucks so they are practically on every corner anyway.My stash of Noro for the Grinda scarf that I am going to knit again. The first one I knit in Lion Brand Suede and I knew better than to use it but it was the only yarn in the same weight that I had handy. Well, just like chenille it worms and loops as it sits.

So the Iro it is. It is a nice textured yarn that should hold up well in the sculptured scarf. Considering that's what it called for. The Opal is some sock yarn that was in the same order. I got them from and just love to order from them. Such great sales! And good service and selection as well. Go browse.

Been cooking every day. Trying to do some different recipes from my collection of cookbooks. Branching out to a bit more difficult recipes rather than just the easy ones I am drawn to. The sandwich is seitan "chicken-style" spread (from The Urban Vegan) on homemade (why yes, I did make it myself) onion caraway dill bread with argula and tomatoes with a wheatberry citrus salad on the side. Delicious!

Yesterday I made a dish from Vegan Yum Yum which was Soy-mirin glazed tofu with snow peas and peanut sauce drizzled over the top and served on rice and it was indescribable. So good. The glaze was sweet yet tangy and the peanut butter picked up the taste of the peas and carrots . I practically licked the plate I enjoyed it so much.

Today I threw together some pesto made with arugula and pecans and some lovely fresh basil (does anything smell and taste better than fresh basil? I don't think so) and froze it. The arugula gives it a tangy fresh taste that is totally different from regular pesto. I use it in savory muffins, on top of pasta and it's surprisingly good just on top of a baked potato. Good for me!

Oh well, it's rainy and gloomy and chilly so a good day to stay in and knit. I have to finish a pair of socks that were promised so off I go to knit!

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