Friday, May 14, 2010

Yarn stash. I bought this a month or so ago at Yarns and Fabrications. They had it listed as a fingering weight,which I thought was a little thin but what do I know? Turns out it's a lace weight so now I must find a pattern to knit. Anyone have a good pattern suggestion that takes less than 450 yards? Something like a shawl or wrap?
It's pretty though. It's Sekku and I really like the colors.This is what I made yesterday. Baked onion rings from my new cookbook "American Vegan Kitchen". OH MY! It's a good thing that I only made 1 onion worth because I totally could have made myself sick eating them. Soooooo good. And totally easy to prepare. So far everything that I've made from it has been a keeper.
And this is a collard green/red cabbage slaw-type salad that was the side dish.

No knitting pictures today but will post some in the next few days.

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