Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Excitement for me!!! Vegan cake slices from Whole Foods. WOOHOO! I love bakery cake with the sugary sweet icing and frosting roses but needless to say, I haven't had any in years. I couldn't believe it when I saw it in the display case. Plus, it's sooooo sweet that I split it in two and got to enjoy it twice!! I definately will buy it again.
A little peek at what I've been doing. These are dyed using the same colors even though it doesn't look like it! The yarn is KnitPicks Bare merino fingering weight and is dyed with some neon food coloring that I found at the grocery. It is being knit up into the Swirl Shawl and now that I have the pattern down it's pretty easy and fun.

I have another skein that dyed up inbetween colors but didn't take a picture of that. I decided to have a gradation of colors to make it really interesting. I've wanted to knit the pattern for years but never got around to ordering it. The only place that I could find it was at the Yarn Barn and by the time I added shipping it was almost $10.00 for the pattern. Cheaper to order the kit but could not decide which colorway to choose. But last year I found it at a "local" (about an hour away) yarn market that I go to every year. That was the only good thing I found. Unfortunately the guild that hosts it picked an impossible to find (unless you were from around there I suppose) place and only a few shops showed up. Plus, you never hear about it until the last minute and it's hard to plan for it. So I'm glad that I found the pattern because I probably will not be going again.

Been so hot (90*s and above) that I haven't been doing much but sitting in the air conditioning and knitting. Mostly socks but some hexagons for the swirl shawl.

Just finished a pair of socks made with Noro sock yarn and I have to say....I am really disappointed. I was looking forward to knitting with it but won't use it again. Some of the yarn was thick (which is fine) but some of it was so thin that you couldn't even pull on the stitch without it breaking. And I don't think that it will hold up very well on the parts that it was knitted. We'll see how they do throughout the winter.

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