Monday, August 23, 2010

I do enjoy spinning. This is my latest attempt. Plying this time. It certainly does make a difference in how the yarn looks when plyed together. Much smoother. I'm pretty pleased with it if I do say so myself. Since one of the local yarn shops is closing here--Yarns and Fabrications--I went up the other day to look and see if there was anything that I couldn't live without. As you can see this lovely skein of Wisdom sock yarn followed me home. I have been looking at this for several trips now and decided that I'd better buy it since it was probably the last chance. It's a lovely metallic yarn and the hardest thing was deciding which color to pick. I'm happy with it though. Have to find just the right pattern for it.
I think for next year I shall do what I've seen others do this year. I am going to make my own sock of the month club. I seem to be almost paralyzed with indecision about which pattern for which if the "sock police" would come and with a loud speaker demand that I "put down the yarn and needles and step away from that pattern" and take me away because I used the absolutely wrong pattern for that yarn. See what I mean? So much to choose from. So I think putting each yarn in a ziplock with a pattern and throwing them in a box to choose makes infinitely more sense.
It cooled down just a bit these past few days so cooking recommenced here. Which was good because I was almost reduced to having a bowl of cereal for dinner. Not that I mind a good cereal for dinner but after awhile I begin to crave "real" food. This are "fish" tacos that are made by pressing tofu and then breading them.
The trick is using kelp granules which gives them the "fishy" taste. I got the recipe from "Vegan Comfort Food" by Alicia Simpson and they are WONDERFUL! I haven't made one thing yet from this book that I haven't loved.

Went to Jungle Jim's the other day and picked up some 10 oz. ramekins so I can make myself some individual baked desserts. It will be nice not to have a huge pan of dessert but something small and managable.
Just got back from running to Hobby Lobby to look for a specific yarn. Has anyone been there lately? I was pleasantly surprised at the nice selection that they have now and picked up 2 skeins of Patons Lace. Just lovely. Who knew they made a lace-weight? Not me. Now I will have to go to Ravelry and find a good pattern. And then I can cast on....hahahaha. Not until I finish the projects that I am knitting right now. And yes! I am still working on the Celtic poncho. I figure that I will REALLY appreciate it since it took so long to finish.
Sorry had to pick myself up off the floor since I fell off the chair laughing. But I will finish it!

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