Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tofu stuffed fried squash blossoms anyone?Went to the farmers' market today and cleaned up! These are what are left of the heirloom tomatoes. They were sooooo good. Some of them weren't any bigger than the tip of my little finger. They were as sweet as candy.

I picked up lots of peppers and some pretty pimento peppers. A huge eggplant for $2.00, which was quite a deal. A few green tomatoes, because who doesn't like fried green tomatoes?
And this is the squash blossoms before the stuffing and frying. They were very interesting. Quite good though. I've always wanted to try them and was surprised to find them at the market.

The day started out not too hot but by about 10:00 am it was really warming up out there. Plus the market is on blacktop. Whew. I was glad to get in the car to go to Whole Foods. Got some lovely arborio rice in the bulk food section that is destined to become a risotto of some sort. Why yes, I did get a couple of new cookbooks.
Okay, back to knitting and I'll post a couple of pictures of that soon.
Stay cool and see you soon.

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