Sunday, August 29, 2010

Went somewhere different the other day. In the park district is a park called Glenwood Gardens and they were having a small quilt display.
I really enjoy seeing quilts (now, I can't learn to quilt because if I start one more hobby something else will have to leave my head..teehee) and it was such a nice day that it was the perfect thing to do.
The park is a lovely place and the buildings look like something you would find in the Cotswolds.
Here is walking up to the initial building.
Getting closer now.The covered walkway was lovely.

The quilts were in a small room and not very many but lovely all the same.

Unfortunately I couldn't get close enough to show the photo that this quilt is based on. They are for a theme of nature.
And of course I really liked all the teacup blocks.

The lady bugs were in the style of Charlie Harper and had been made from a kit in a class that they had.
The rest of the trip was just as pleasant. The park there has a section called Highland Discovery Garden that is set up for children. I have read about it before and it has always gotten really good write-ups as a great place to go and explore. We were wandering around the gift shop when one of the park volunteers came up and asked us if we would enjoy seeing the children's garden and gave us free passes to go in. (It normally costs $5.00 for adults and $4.00 for the little rugrats.) Totally worth the money. We had the best time poking around and discovering all the little hidden items and places and beautiful plants. I have many more photos to share next time.
Right now I am knitting a scarf for a friend of sis's so I am off to try and get more done on it. Stay cool and see you soon.

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