Saturday, November 06, 2010

As you can see, there has been actual knitting going on here. This is the candleflame shawl (from Ravelry) done is WoolEase Thick and Quick in the color Willow. It's so lovely and warm. But got quite heavy while knitting. Cold here today. Got to wear my new Crocs. Can't really tell from the picture but they are pink and fur-lined. I got them at the Croc outlet so they were good and inexpensive. About $14.00, which is much less than half the price. I don't wear them when the weather gets really crummy because then it's time for hiking boots that go over my ankles. But for the in between times they sure are nice. Keep my feet nice and toasty. Of course the handknit socks don't hurt either!
These are some calzones I made not too long ago. They were sooooo good that they didn't last more than 2 days. I cheated and used a Trader Joe's pizza crust for the outside but it certainly made it much easier.

And here are the pumpkin waffles that I made the other morning. So good. Topped them with some cranberry-maple syrup and just delicious.
Went up to the new yarn shop that just opened today. Main Street Yarn in Mason. It's owned by one of the women that used to work at Yarns and Fabrications. She has some lovely yarns and some that I'd only heard about so it was nice to get to "fondle" them. I'm sure that she is going to have more stock but it seems like a very nice shop.
Okay. I'm off to finish up some stealth knitting. See you soon.

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