Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Some knitting is going on but I've been busy cooking for Turkey Day. These are peppermint chocolate chip cookies from "The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur" and they are just great! So rich that you can only eat one.
Had one earlier with a cup of french vanilla coffee and it was gooood. Here is the best soup ever. The recipe is Brussel sprout and mushroom soup from and you should definately make it.
You can't even tell that there are brussel sprouts in it and it was the best soup for a cold, rainy day.
Speaking of cold, rainy is just wretched out. Pouring rain and windy and in the low 30*s. I'm glad to be inside.
I'm going to finish a swirl shawl that I downloaded from Bernat. A fun and easy knit that looks great. I like the scarves that are different shapes.
Had my first attempt at working with filo dough. I made a roasted vegetable strudel and found it to be fairly easy. I most definately will be making something with filo again. And it was pretty tasty also.

I am going to go and finish the scarf now. Have a wonderful Turkey day and see you soon.

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