Friday, January 14, 2011

Here is my replacement (as much as it can replace my lovely mug) for the broken mug. One of my clients' gave me $50.00 in Caribou gift cards, which was super thoughtful but I was surprised because she was always such a big Starbucks fan. As am I. But a soy chai latte is fine as I don't really care for their coffee. But I was getting some drinks yesterday for myself and Amanda and I saw this on sale by the register and figured, why not?
I like to have a tangible reminder of the card so a new mug it is. Right now it's filled with Harney's Cranberry Autumn, which a lovely choice on a cold night.
It's warmer some today---30*- but when it warms up is when I seem to get really cold. Luckily a hand knit sweater or shawl is waiting right here to be thrown around my shoulders.
Here's what I made the other day. Puppy chow cookies. They were good but I think I prefer the puppy chow loose and not on a cookie. Eggnog cookies are next. I got some of the Silknog on sale and the cookies sound great. Plus, I get to drink whatever is leftover!

I've been busy trying to finish up all my projects on the needles so I can start some more! I finished my vest and a fun scalloped scarf/shawl (the pattern is on the Bernat site and is the scallop scarf)and a huge crocheted afghan that was a gift. I am not the best crocheter and can't really watch anything while I do it so I popped in an audiobook and hunkered down and finished it the other night. Now all I have to do is one half of a sock for mom, a pair of cabled socks that I am half done with the first one and the KAL that I am going to work on tomorrow. I WILL break the pattern. I just have to have quiet and concentrate but I'll get farther along on it.
Yes,yes, I know I still have the Celtic poncho but I thought that I could work on it in the spring because I probably won't get it done in time for this year. But I will get it finished this year. No more ufos.

Here's Rufus peeking out to say hello.
And Binkley and Rufus having a cleaning!

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