Saturday, January 08, 2011

Sad mug day....I broke one of my favorite mugs the other night. :(
I bumped it against the table at just the right angle and bang! broken. I had the matching green one several years ago but it got broken also. (Mom!) It seems that the handles were not as strong as the rest of the mug,which was odd because it was a fairly heavy mug. I didn't throw it away though as it was still pretty good for holding pens. I have been busy knitting. This is the vest that I just blocked last night. Still have to pick up stitches around the armholes and the front and bottom. I like the's Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and it's quite nice.
Lunchtime! I had lemony chard stuffed shells, mac 'n ''cheese", and steamed veggies. Delicious and very good on such a cold winter's day. Yesterday I made crumb topped apple pie muffins, and scones. Also tempeh simmered with tomatoes and sauerkraut, and rice and cabbage with apples and caraway seeds. Very good. I like casseroles and stews/soups in the winter with lots of bread.

Which is what came out of the bread machine! Onion soup caraway bread. Nothing smells as good as baking bread. Except maybe dessert...teehee.

This is the Rodekool kal that I have been slogging away on lately. It's one of those patterns that I keep knitting and frogging and knitting and frogging with lots of muttering and "stupid pattern"s going on at the same time.

As I was slogging through the pattern for the third time the light bulb went on...duh. Then the pattern made perfect sense. Obviously it was the pattern all along and not me.
But I was really glad to have figured it out because I did not want to give up but I was going to anyway because knitting shouldn't make you want to throw the project at the wall and then stomp on it.
I am going to finish the few projects I have on the needles and then put together my own sock club of the month for the year. I think the hardest part is choosing just the right pattern for the yarn. But I am going to buckle down and choose.
Okay, I am off to knit on the swirl shawl. I only have 6 more pieces to knit and then that is finished. So I will refill my tea and knit. Stay inside and keep warm and knit!

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