Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have been hunkered down and staying warm because, baby it's COLD outside. This morning it was -8* when I woke up. It has warmed considerably it's 12*. Woohoo. I don't need anything outside so I just brewed a fresh pot of tea and am starting a new knitting project. Because I just finished my last project and have none on the needles.
These are the Two-color cable socks from "The Big Book of Socks". I wanted to learn to do two-color cables and I love them. They are practically knee socks and so warm. Very easy and I am definately making another pair. The yarn is Cascade 220 and I have just a little ball of orange left and less than 1 yard of fushia.
I bought a bunch of Cascade on clearance when Yarns and Fabrications went out of business with this pattern in mind. I've always liked knee socks because my legs get cold. The only thing that I will change is I will cast on with a smaller size needle (4) and knit the ribbing and then go to the 5.
I am now going to try entrelac as I took a class from Planet Purl last week. I really enjoy their classes and learned alot. Plus, they have great videos, which is always helpful. They also have a fun knit and chat once a month.
I've decided to knit "Quant" from for my beginning project and then I have a neat pattern for a pair of socks. I'm also starting a pair of argyle socks from "The Big Book of Socks" with purple, green and orange Cascade 220. Those should be a fast,easy knit.
We had 5.8" of snow on Thursday and I was tired of shoveling. We shoveled twice and left about 1" on the drive because it was icy underneath. I also did not want to pay the snow guy to come and scrape the drive 'cause I didn't want to spend the money. He knows not to come unless it's over 4'' and I call him to go on the list. At 2:30 am. we were jolted out of bed by a big THUNK and ran to the window (no, it wasn't Santa) but the snow guy. Hello!?! I didn't call. Had to go to the front door and try and get his attention to yell that we had shoveled. He said that he was just cleaning it off. Yeah for $65.oo you are going to do more than clean it off. But since I didn't call him, and we stopped him, I don't think he should charge me. We shall see.
Okay, off to cast on for some new projects. Stay warm and safe.

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