Thursday, April 21, 2011

I thought that I'd let you all see the pretty tulips before they are washed away! This has been the 3rd wettest April on record here. And we are supposed to get a total of 4.83" more by Saturday night. We have water coming in the basement from places that it's never leaked before but what a surprise... where else is it supposed to go?

The river (Ohio and every other one) is at or above flood stage and we are supposed to have more thunderstorms everyday until next Thursday. It's almost like living in Seattle without all the cool coffee shops!

Can't even walk in the backyard. We used to have an above-ground pool and where it was located is a lovely pool-shaped depression which has a nice lake right now. That's not too unusual with alot of rain but it's spreading all over the yard. I actually lost my shoe in the mud when I went back to check for any damage from all the severe weather the other night. We lost a huge limb off of one of the trees but Praise Jesus! that was all. Here are the little falls at the park. This was before the 3" we got on Tuesday night.

No ducks swimming around in there!
I'm kind of surprised that there haven't been any ducks in the "lake" in the back yard. Sometimes they come for several days. But they have their choice of pretty much anywhere to swim right now.

Been busily knitting on all the kals I've joined. But I did finish one the other day (4/19). This is the Coquille shawl from Knitty ( I am quite pleased with it and would like to make the large size sometime.I did the smaller one because it called for less than 3 balls of Mini Mochi, which is what I had in my stash. Still have almost a whole ball left. None of the colorways are the same but they had enough like colors in them to match. At least I think so.

I still need to lightly block it but I've worn it a few times because it's been chilly out...and let's face it...we all like to wear our newly off the needles knits!

Off to work on another kal. And tonight is "The Mentalist" so tv will be on.

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