Saturday, April 02, 2011

Look what was sitting out front of my house yesterday! Lots of fun. NOT! We called the water company 11 days ago about water leaking up into the road. It wasn't coming out of my yard and when the workers finally came they said it was a water main leak and they would be back in about 10 days to fix it. Well, it took 11 days which was fine but the road was starting to "bubble" up against my yard and it was leaking all the way across the lane. They told me they would take a look at it and decide what needed to be done.

So they covered the very large hole with a very large, very noisy metal plate and said they'd be back Monday after midnight. Um, thanks?

Well, we had to call to complain because everytime a car went over the plate the whole house would practically shake. The glass in the windows was shaking and that's not good. They sent someone out to secure the plate (ya think they should have done that first!) and later that evening the water worker was walking through the neighborhood hanging signs on the front door (luckily I happened to be looking out the peep hole at just the moment he hung the note on the door) and stated that they would be shutting off the water after midnight and the repairs would take 4-6 hours. After 7 hours they finally finished but the lovely plate is still out there getting thumped with the cars. And since I live on a 4-lane state highway, there is alot of traffic. And they have a fireplug up the street just streaming out water because they said they are flushing out the pipes so we don't have to boil the water. WHAT were we drinking before????? I use a water filter but still. Yuck.

So the street has sheets of water just rushing down and watering the grass. Fun. Dinner last night. Pasta con broccoli from "Appetite for Reduction". Fabulous.

I really enjoyed the kal last month so I joined another. This the Coquille shawl from Knitty and it's for the Crystal Palace Ravelry group. Should be fun. I also wanted to join the Knitpurlhunter Trekking 20 year kal but no yarn shop had this month's yarn and hadn't planned on ordering anymore. So I joined the Carefree kal (which is also part of Crystal Palace's blog).

Went up to Main Street Yarns today to pick up a skein of Mini Mochi for that and much to my surprise, they had one skein left of the Trekking for the April KAL. So I picked that up also and now am starting to feel just a bit overwhelmed........
But the shawl should be a very interesting knit.

We shall see.

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