Tuesday, May 24, 2011

As last month I have overcommitted to knitalongs! This is the Mystery Medallion Shawl (clue 3) from Knitting Like Crazy. This is due to be finished by June 10th so I have some time.This is the Mystery Shawl from WendyKnits. I didn't realize that I had picked 2 colors that were rather close colorways. But I love them both. They are both Cherry Tree Hill Supersocke and very nice to knit with as well.

Luckily there is no time limit on this one.

Went to the garden center the other day (when it wasn't raining!) to see the animals.
This is Hotshot. So cute.

The goats cracked me up. They each definately had their own spots that they liked to lie on.

Nice rocks for all.

They are very well adapted to people feeding them. They have feeders where you can get the food for a quarter a turn and as soon as they see the coin going into the slot they all run to the feeder tubes. I think the people are better trained than the animals because we're all suckers for feeding the animals.

These are Charles and Camilla and they will come out and give you the evil eye big time!

This turkey was loose and was looking for food. He chased us around waiting for us to give him something. Stop chasing me!!

Went to Glenwood Gardens on Monday. It was a beautiful day until the tornado warnings came later. But the park is lovely and based on the Cotswolds.

I had a few pictures of the buildings but accidently erased them. But a very relaxing and beautiful place.

It has wetlands and prairies and walking paths of a mile to two and a half miles that loop through all the different areas.

I think the walkway is just beautiful with the trees.

A relaxing fountain area with stone benches to rest and enjoy the views.Dinner.....orange glazed tempeh and collard greens with cranberries and pine nuts. Just so good.

Alright. I have to go and finish my Trekking knitalong socks. They must be done by the 31st to send them in to be eligible for the prizes.
Have a great Memorial Day and enjoyable weekend!

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