Sunday, May 08, 2011

We had some crazy rains last week. And lots of it. The cool thing that came out of it are these double rainbows.

How can anyone dispute the awesomeness of a G-d who is our creator? Who could make anything like this but G-d?

Busy knitting here. I signed up for 2 kals this month and I am enjoying them. This is the Trekking sock this month and I just printed up the second clue this morning.This is the "Mystery Medallion Shawl" kal from Knitting Like Crazy. I really like the yarn...Cherry Tree Hill Supersocke Select in the colorway Maple Sugar. This was just the first clue from Friday and I finished that part last night. Now I have to wait until next Friday.

I just love the color.

The pattern is fun also. I am definately a big fan of shawls!

This is the falls from down at the park after all the rain last week. Certainly is rushing around. And I notice that there have been no ducks on it lately.

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