Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finished another kal. this one is the June color knitalong from the Ravelry group Solidsockknitters. The color this month was orange and I had no idea that I had an orange skein. This is Opal Uni and the pattern is "Inferno" from the IDP at KnitPicks. I really like the pattern. It's the first one that I've knitted where the pattern extends down to the heel so that was fun. I had to go down a needle size to a 1 since the pattern is rather stretchy. Now onto the next knitting.

Went to the Trillium Art show on Sunday at Glenwood Gardens.I would link it but none of the tools on my bar seem to be cooperating!

Such a gorgeous day to be outside and walking around. No humidity and in the low 70*s.

Just a small show...about 30 booths or so. Didn't see anything there that thrilled me enough to buy but some pretty things.

The setting is so pretty though.
Lots of space and places to sit.

They have a cafe outdoors called the Cotswold cafe that I read has sandwiches, gourmet coffee and various things. It was early and I think they were still setting it up.

This is necklace that I made with 2 pieces of stampboard that Amanda stamps and colors and scratches. I end up decorating and making into a necklace because they are just too beautiful not to wear and show off.

Mmmmmm. Some of the best bisuits yet. From a cookbook called "Vegan Diner" by Julie Hassan. They are fabulous. It's hard to find a good vegan biscuit recipe but this one is the best. I've made them twice already and can't stay away from them.

Went to a new yarn store today. It's called Hank in Hyde Park. I must say that I was less than impressed. I don't usually like to say anything about shops and stores but I left with a not great feeling. For the most part they were ...shall I say coldly polite. They would be standing right behind me as if they were expecting me to shoplift needles or something.

They had a decent selection of yarn but it was not comfortable to walk around picking skeins up and fondling because all the skeins were placed just so in the display cases which looked like very nice bookcases. Everything was nice and tidy and placed in proper order but I didn't want to pick out any yarn because it would mess up how they had them displayed.

I did get a skein of Cascade yarn that is wool and silk that was over 400 yards for $8.00, quite a good price. Their prices are competitive but I probably won't be going back again. Faithful to my lys I suppose.


Melissa said...

Beautiful socks!

T.M. said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed the pattern. Lots of fun to knit. I can hardly wait until fall to wear them.