Sunday, October 30, 2011

So glad that it's cooler chilly now. I opened my sock drawer and was teary-eyed at the thought of all those lovely hand knits! So many to choose from. Ahhhhh.
Went running around today doing some errands and found one of the farmer's markets still open. A pleasant surprise since I thought they were all done for the season. Got some lovely chard and pattypan squash and one HUGE white radish that I have no idea what I'm going to do with it at this point.
Then went to Trader Joe's and ran into a fellow Raveler. She had a beautiful handknit sweater in a lovely shade of green. I was going to rip it off her and run but she looked like she could keep up with me...teehee! It was fun to actually run into someone from Ravelry like that. I knew they existed but never have seen anyone.
Last week went to Lambikins in Hamilton.

So many yarns....too many great things. ... head spinning....must grab yarn to counteract yarn fumes.
A few things came home with me. I got some lovely KnitPicks Wool of the Andes to make it. I don't know what yarn I'm going to use but I saw this knitted up and it's gorgeous!
I've always wanted some sparkly socks so this jumped in my hands.
And I've only read about this yarn so I had to splurge and get it. There was a free pattern to go with it to make a cool scarf/wrap so I'm going to make that.
 I love the colors. You can't see it but there is blue and purple and all kinds of colors there.
I really enjoyed my trip there. They were really nice and the yarn selection was stunning. Things that I'd only read about and just loads to fondle and plunge your hands into and just have a great time. I will definately be going back and recommend it to people. Actually I already did recommend it the other day!
My fun purchase. It's a mini pie/tart maker. It's nice to have because the pies cook in less than 10 minutes and you can have mini ones instead of a big pie. Very good purchase. Target for under $20.00. These are cherry and apple are next!

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