Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ice,ice,baby. What a mess outside! We had freezing rain and sleet and ice starting last night through early this morning. My driveway (and everyone else's) and lots are beyond crazy. I needed a rope and crampons just to get to the mailbox. There was just a little piece of the front porch that didn't have ice on it that I used as a jumping off point into the grass to bypass the driveway. Which was completely covered at the bottom with more ice and piles of icy slush that refroze from the snow plows scraping the street. I was glad to be inside with my cuppa and knitting.
I spent the morning cooking so I have a full refrigerator now. Used the crockpots for some stuff. Made "Chick'n and dumplings" with chickpeas instead of tofu and used a gluten-free baking mix so mom can eat them also. Also made a "cheesy chorizo" black bean dip kind of thing and some portobello sandwich filling with peppers and onions. I got those recipes from " The Vegan  Slow Cooker" Delicious. I am enjoying the slow cookers alot.
I also made some pecan pie bars that are very good.
The recipe that I've enjoyed most the past few days is "Hard Cider and Cabbage stew" with apple- sage "sausages" in it.  So good.

 Here are some socks that I've finished lately.
These are Spanish Dancer socks and they are a worsted weight. I love them. So comfortable and fast to knit. I may make this pattern again.
These are sparkly! I entered these in the Vanna White contest. It's hard to tell from the photos but the color is called "Moonstone" and it's a grey-brown with lots of sparkles.

Right now I'm working on some Cookie A. socks and a sweater.
A lovely chocolate truffle brownie with soy whipped cream. Mmmmmm. Great with a cuppa tea.
Off to make another pot of tea and knit. Stay warm and safe!

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Kathy said...

please ma'am, may I have some more ?? What cool gifts the Lord has given you, girl.