Sunday, February 26, 2012

I can't believe that I've let so long go in between posts. My only excuse is that I've been busy knitting. This is the Newton scarf made from Haruni yarn. About 650 yards on a skein so it was alot of knitting but I really like the scarf. The colors are a little muted's quite bright.
 Finished these for a knitalong. They are "Rivendell" from "The Eclectic Sole'' and the color doesn't show great but it's a beautiful fushia. It's Cascade Heritage sock yarn and the color is "Hyacinth". These were for the Solidsockknitters' group on Ravelry. The theme this month is "spring" and the color is perfect for spring.
I did finish the "Supernova" sweater that I was knitting really didn't turn out well. Everything was to gauge and it seamed up beautifully but when I tried it on the armpits were almost at my waist. What?? And if I pulled up the sleeves the hexagons that make up the top bunch up like a particularly unattractive leg-o-mutton sleeve. As if there's an attractive version of those. I was really disappointed. But my neighbor is a seamstress and I am going to take it up there this week and see if she can figure out how to fix it. Since it's wool I should be able to cut it to fix the underarm. At least I hope so. I like the sweater alot and would really like to be able to wear it.
Went up to Dayton today for a small road trip. Amanda drove and we stopped at the "whippydip" in Springboro to get some of their spicy fried pickle spears. I was surprised to see that it was open but yah! for us. They were delicious!
Then we drove to the big health food store -Health Foods Unlimited- and had a good time shopping and poking around. They have products that I can't find here, even at Whole Foods or Jungle Jims. I was most excited to find some Tofutti "ricotta" cheese and it was on sale. Woohoo for me. Plus they had The Tea of Republic's Comfort and Joy tea on sale for $3.99 a canister. Hooray! I love that tea and since it only it released around the holiday I usually get 2 cans and then try and make it last for as long as I can. So I picked up 2 more of them and I can have plenty throughout the year. I have a cup right now. So good.
Then we went to Dorothy Lane Market and picked up a couple of items...although now that I think of it I didn't get anything there. Mom and Amanda bought some things though. Oh. I did get a cup of coffee from the Boston Stokers kiosk there....snickerdoodle. It was good but my favorite is their Highlander Grogg. So tasty.
Okay. Off to get some more knitting finished. I'm trying to get a few things finished before I cast on something (or somethings) new. Have a great night.

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Kim Degener said...

Love those socks. Really yummy.