Friday, February 10, 2012

Nothing going on here but some knitting. Snow showers tonight and tomorrow but COLD! Good thing wool socks are nice and warm.
These are the Rivendell socks from "The Eclectic Sole" and they are for a knitalong for the SolidSockknitters Ravelry group. The photo of the skein is a more true color. I don't know why my camera won't take true photos of purple or blue. I started another pair out of the same yarn but it didn't want to be that pattern because it just wasn't working in that pattern. This one is going great though.

Finally got to Knit On in Monmouth/Newport, Ky. I hadn't been since they  opened their new location but had a great time. 
These are just a few shots of their stock. It was rather overwhelming when you first walked in but had to take a deep breath and just throw yourself in and start looking.
Bought a few things...
This is a discontinued yarn that Amanda loved so it is going to be a shawl for her. It is this.... and I  think it will be lovely.
Also went to The Spice and Tea Exchange in Rookwood.
We had fun poking around and bought a few things. Got a lovely coconut oolong tea and some different spices. It was an interesting shop and we probably will go back again.
Well, I am trying to finish a sweater so I am going to go and have a cuppa and pop in a dvd (found the series "Sports Night at the library) and try and finish some of it. Keep knitting and stay warm!

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