Saturday, December 09, 2006

Finally! I have triumphed over Ad.'s sweater...or the nemesis as I've been calling it. I finished a sleeve last night and just have the other to do and then the neck and done. Also finishing the cardi/coat. Turned out that I messed that one up as well. I went to sew the shoulder seams together and it seems that I made both fronts the same instead of a left and a right. What a gormster. But I have mastered the hat pattern and am about half finished with that. I also started on A.'s big ole sweater and got yarn for another one of the hats that I made her. It was the Rebel, rebel hat from Lion Brand Just Hats. It is a one skein hat and knits up really fast and is v. cute. It is in the Wool Ease Chunky and the color is Walnut which is v. pretty. I think she will really like that. I am going to make it a little longer and try and figure out how to make the "pigtails" a little heavier.
I found the best handcream--Williams- Sonoma's Spiced Chestnut hand lotion. Very good and smells ever so good. And the smell lingers throughout the day which is v. nice.

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