Saturday, December 30, 2006

I was getting my behind kicked by this pattern of Nora Gaughan's from Knitting Nature and feel like a bucket-head because it was my fault. When I wrote out the pattern I must have made a mistake. I couldn't figure out the line [(k1,yo 4 times,k1)] into next stitch to make 9 stitches. See, that makes sense....but when you leave out the INTO next stitch it makes everything all discombobulated. Eeesssccchhh. What a mor-roon. So I went to Barnes and Noble tonight and looked it up in the book (I could have just looked at the printed pattern but that would have been too easy) and found out my mistake. And got to pick up the new Vogue knitting and the new Knitters. And got some Harney's Holiday tea that was half price. Yum.That should keep be busy for the holiday weekend. Nothing to do but knit and watch some videos. Maybe I can get the hat knitted. We shall see.

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