Monday, December 04, 2006

This is a picture of the niece's sweater that I made last summer. The blue border is crocheted on afterwards. (Notice the Starbuck's table it is posing on...Hi 'bucks).
Have you ever had one of those knitting days where nothing goes right? Seems like today was that day for me. I FINALLY finished the front on Ad.'s sweater....I think it's right but the good thing is that you can't tell if it's wrong so that works for me. I asked Jill to look at it and she couldn't see anything so finished it is. Just have to do the sleeves but didn't want to look at it anymore tonight. So I started on my Scalloped hat pattern with the Noro but after I ripped it out for the third time I gave up on that. I kept knitting the pattern incorrectly or ended up with too few stitches. I was going to seam together my coat/cardigan and pick up stitches for the hat but I was afraid I'd do irrevocable damage so I just put everything away and enjoyed the rest of "art" night.
It's freezing out tonight..19* and windy...brrrr! My scarf, hat and mitten set came in very handy and they are very warm. But I am glad to be home in my flannel jammies and drinking a cup of Harney's White Christmas. Yum! One of the best teas.

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