Saturday, December 02, 2006

Okay. The headache is finally gone and knitting has commenced. Actually the headache was gone by Thursday but I was so annoyed that 1. all the NBC Thursday night shows were overridden by the stupid Bengals game and 2. I totally, totally messed up Ad.'s sweater. I am knitting "The Natural" from Family Circle's Easy (haha) Plus-Size (not) Knits. It is the first charted pattern that I have done and finished the back with no problem. Now I am to the part on the front where I start binding off for the neck split. Thought I had it all worked out but after I did all the decreases and bind-offs it turns out that I am off in my count somewhere and the pattern is off. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! So I ripped it out and have made at least 8 pattern charts and will just have to go one little stitch at a time. I HATE MATH! I got sucked into knitting before realizing how much math there is to it. Stupid, stupid counting.
On the positive side I am almost finished with the cardigan/coat for myself. Last sleeve and then the hood and finishing work. Also did a hat last night out of some Lion Brand Wool Ease Think and Quick that I had lying around. A cute basketweave pattern and knit up in under 2 hours. Doing a scarf to match and then the fun one. Went to the lys and bought a skein of Noro Silk Garden for the Striped and Scalloped Hat from 1 Skein Wonders-1o1 yarn shop favorites. It's a pretty pink/purple colorway and can't wait to see it knitted. Also bought a skein of Twize-100% Bamboo by SWTC in the color "twurple". I am going to make some kind of scarf out of it. Since the weather has gotten so cold...from 64* to under 30*...what is that all about? I figured I could use a few scarves. And hats. I cut my hair today so it is all hat ready and don't have to worry about pulling it out of the ponytail and having some wicked, nasty hat hair. Then by the time it is spring it will be long enough to "scrape" back into the ponytail.

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