Saturday, January 20, 2007

I finished the "droplet" hat from Knitting Nature and while it was a fun knit it looks TERRIBLE on me. The upside is that it looks really cute on A. so she has a new hat. I am still making her the Hexed hat from Knitty but one can always use another hat. Had a trip to the yarn store earlier (must have things to knit as the "white death" is coming tomorrow...everyone must be prepared!!) as A. decided she wanted another felted satchel but the big one this time. She picked a very pretty forest green and brownish/grey. I think it will be very nice. I also bought myself some Lamb's Pride Bulky for a hexed hat for me. The color is Tiger Lily and should knit up attractively. I don't usually pick that color at all but it was so pretty I couldn't help myself.
Time for some pictures!! Here's A. in her lovely "big ole sweater" that suits her "marvelous much" to quote her. Don't you think she's loverly?

Here is a pic of my scarf, mitten and hat set that I knit out of super bulky yarn from Hobby Lobby. Very thick but warm which is good because it is cold now and going to snow.

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