Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finished my hexagon hat this morning. Which is good since it is supposed to go into the 20's and lower in the next coming week. I'm also almost finished with the felted satchel for A. At least I don't have to felt it...A. will do that. She picked up the yarn the other day and it's a beautiful forest green-Cascade 220 and a light tan. The pattern knits up quite fast so that's always a plus. I'm going to try and finish it tonight so I can get working on my "Danbury'' sweater.
Went to Trader Joe's today to pick up a few things for the dishes I am going to make. Tomorrow is mushroom and barley stew, tomato lentil soup, and fancy biscuits...which are just biscuits with herbs and some green onions in them...yum. Also going to make some coconut-almond muffins for art night Monday. Love those vegan cookbooks!

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