Sunday, January 14, 2007

The sweater is a hit! I don't think she's taken it off since I gave it to I had about 3 skeins left over and so I made her a pair of mittens and a scarf to go with it. The scarf is a very pretty basketweave pattern and shows up quite nicely on the burgandy yarn. I'm also knitting the "hexed" hat from the Winter 2006 issue of I didn't see any sense leaving a whole skein lying around.
I cast on the yarn for my big ole sweater...mine is in brushed denim and also a v-neck sweater for myself in a bee-u-ti-ful autumn colorway. It should be very pretty. I made one for A. last year and it is knitted side to side. Since the weather is supposed to change to actual winter in the next day or two it will be good to have a new sweater.

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