Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finished all the hexagon hats...including one for m. and ''Sanchez",who absolutely LOVES it. And she's thrilled that hers is the same color as m.'s. It's good to be little; it doesn't take much to please you. I'm now working on the Ribberta wristlet in the Ultra Alpaca....oooooh soft.It is knitting up quite fast which is good as we are having a "winter weather advisory" here. Doesn't that make it sound official? I am guessing that art night tomorrow night will be a bust because we are supposed to have freezing rain and 6-8" of snow. Oh fun. Luckily I have lots of dvd's from the library and books on tape. As well as knitting to do.

Here's a shot of the never-ending sock. I really should get going on it and finish at least the first one. I am at the turning of the heel and have never done that before. I understand how to do it in theory but....we shall see.

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