Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yes, yes I know. Bad blogger. I have neglected my blog for I-bob. I can't help it...I am enamoured with it. It's just the coolest toy I've had in quite awhile. But I have knitted some although no pictures yet.
I did embroider a pair of jeans that I finished today and I think they look really cool. I may do another pair eventually. I do want to turn the heel on my sock soon so I think that I will probably work on that in the next day or two. Still working on the sweater but am about half way through the second front. If I buckle down and really work on it I can realistically have it finished by next week.
I am thinking about going to the knitting group that meets a lys here. A friend of mine goes and I thought it sounded like a good time. It depends on the weather as it is supposed to rain tomorrow with some thunderstorms...yuck. Maybe I will just download a few more podcasts into i-bob. We shall see.

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