Saturday, February 17, 2007

You would think....think that after all 34 years Ad. would recognize one sister's voice over another. Oh well, on the upside he did call and wish A. a happy birthday...hahaha. It's the thought that counts anyway. Had a deee-lishous lunch at the chinese buffet and all of art club came (including a husband which was cool). Lots of snow again but at home and toasty warm.
Finished the "top hat" from Knit 1's The Love issue yesterday and quite pleased with it. Very warm and thick. Used Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Adirondack and I would make it again. It looks really cute on everyone who tried it on...the wonder hat.
Started a pair of the wristlets for A. with the remainder of the alpaca. She really liked mine. But they are mine, mine, mine!! hahahaha. But I will graciously make her a pair. Aren't I just the nicest sister ever? I know.

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