Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well, we got high-speed on Monday and just now have gotten all the issues resolved that have kept us from actually getting online. Everyday I have spoken to people from Roadrunner, AOL, and Panda software trying to fix whatever the problem happens to be. FINALLY! we have connection. Found out that it was the Panda anti-virus/firewall blocking everything. As well as having 2 other anti-virus programs on here that I had no idea were running. So far so good.

I have gotten knitting done though. Wanna see? These are made from the Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" in the color Peacock ombre. I made the pattern myself and think it's cute.
I did get another pair of socks half done because I so did not want to even be in the same room as the computer after all the drama.
Then this morning I was changing a 4' florescent lightbulb when I dropped one and then got a shock from the casing. So I called the electrician 'cause better her than me. No,actually, I figured that she knows what she is doing and I'm not fond of "playing" with electricity. After all of this I just wanted to lie under the kitchen table and curl into a ball. No more stress! Next time the post will be better, I promise.

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