Thursday, June 19, 2008

I really have meant to post but just haven't gotten online since Monday night. I would think about it but was really into knitting and the playoffs were on :( so sorry Lakers...and just never got around to it.
Here's Tigger having some fries at art night on Monday. He also got a lovely cranial massage thanks to Jill...heehee. The sock is one that I started on Monday but I've been working on it throughout the week. It's a pattern of "butterflies" down the leg and it's a little tricky but I'm enjoying it. The yarn is Panda cotton/bamboo and is very soft but rather "splitty" to work with. The color is Nasturtiums and you can't tell but is very vibrant.
Haven't gone alot of places this week because the evil cicadas have been swarming ALOT and it's very hot and is very annoying when we have to roll up the windows to avoid getting them in the car (that's a whole 'nother story) because we don't have air conditioning and whew! hot in the car. And as an ode to the nasty little beasts here is a poem.
Cicadas a-flyin'
I wish they were dyin'.
Aaaack! one of the creeps just hit my nose.
Hahaha-a thousand I've mowed.
Ooops-better run...get me they're tryin'.
Okay so I'm no Shakespeare but it was a fast attempt.
Had a good time Monday night and got a wonderful surprise from one of the women there. She is starting to sell teas and pastries at some local farmers markets and gave us each 3 different kinds of teas to try. I haven't tried mine yet but am getting ready to brew up some. They smell especially fabulous so I'm sure they will taste as good as they smell.
I would've made some earlier but the kitchen was a mess because sis came over to paint the kitchen cabinets. They are lovely and she does great painting work. They were originally dark brown and then mom wanted them stippled in dark pink, light pink and cream. I wasn't particularly fond of them but whatever. And after years I didn't even notice them anymore. But now they are this great color called "dark toast" and they are the color of a yummy looking mocha coffee. MMMMmmmmm.
Okay, off to knit. I started a pair of socks in CottonEase for myself but by the time I turned the heel I realised that they will fit sis instead so she has a new pair. They are knit in a broken rib pattern from 101 Designer one-skein knits and is a fun, easy pattern. I'll post a picture next time.

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Irascible Housewife said...

OMG, that Tigger fries pic is so cute! Take your time and enjoy the teas, btw. Tea is for leisure and relaxation... I'd hate to think of you rushing to try them all on my behalf. :) Happy sipping!