Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is a pair that was originally meant for me but ended up making them for Amanda. :( The pattern is called "Broken Rib" from the book Knit Socks and is quite stretchy. It's knit with Lion Brand CottonEase and the color is Terracotta. It looks red in the picture but is a lovely color. I enjoyed the yarn and would like to have a pair for myself. I just managed to get a pair out of one skein except I had to knit the last 12 rows with another color. Luckily sis doesn't really care and they did look cute anyway.
Just had some maple tea from Shanna that was FABULOUS! Thanks Shanna, I really enjoyed it.
I think that the cicadas are winding down the slightest bit...was able to have the windows down in the car and didn't have to roll them up in terror of swarms once. Woohoo!
Okay. Off to work on my "butterfly" socks. I'll post a picture next time.

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