Monday, June 30, 2008

New yarn. Come here and see. Went to Lambikins on Sunday and here's what came home with me. The colors are more brown but it is nifty,no?

Had a good time at art night/fight club tonight. We all ordered some tea from Shanna...mmmmm. I ordered the maple but just came home and had some of the country carrot cake and think that I just might have to have some of that as well. Quite tasty. And smells fabulous as well. Which to me is as important as the taste. It's all part of having a "cuppa".

On another upside. The cicadias seem to almost all be gone. Woohoo! Makes being outside so much more enjoyable.

Here's a cake that Amanda just made for a client this weekend.Very cool don't you think?


Irascible Housewife said...

Yay, you posted a pic of Amanda's cake! I can't wait to show the hubster. The yarn looks yummy, too... just try not to lick it too much. ;)

Robin said...

I LOVE the pink flamingo cake! Love the way she did the feathers along the side. Great job!