Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just had some crazy weather here last night. Whew! Trees and limbs everywhere. But pretty much in a 1/2 mile area. Praise Jesus we had no damage but watched the neighbors' tree take a huge hit. What a mess.

I was planning on getting online last night but the lightning was just wicked so I nixed that and worked on some socks. Here's the newest pair for Amanda. I especially like the color.

Hope everyone had a fun time on the 4th. We don't really do much but if you open our front door and stand in the air conditioned comfort of the front hall you get to see one of the largest 4th of July fireworks displays in the city. So that's what we did. Can't beat that.

Got my maple tea from Shanna...mmmmm. Thanks much it is so delicious. Had some this morning with some homemade vegan blueberry cornmeal pancakes that I made. Very good.

Finally getting some nice weather tomorrow and we are going to go to the old car "cruise-in" that my little town has. There's a coffee shop with a lovely deck that is now open in the evenings and thought we would go and have some iced tea and something to eat and knit. Sounds like a fun evening.

I got a new "toy" at the yarn shop last Sunday. It's a pair of circular needles-size 3 9" circumference to make socks. Very different to knit but once I got going they are a nice alternative to dpn's. Plus the yarn is tres,tres nice. Very nice and soft.

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Irascible Housewife said...

I really have to get some of those tiny circular needles. I'll bet they make it easier for beginners like me to learn the addictive art of sock-knitting.